Woman spraying Showerless Shampoo on her hair


Clean hair without suds, rinsing or residue.

Sweat, then SWAIR.

Stop planning your workouts around your hair.

Save (a lot of) water.

What's the difference between Showerless Shampoo™ and dry shampoo?

Showerless Shampoo cleans your hair without suds, rinsing or residue. It actively removes dirt, sweat and daily grime when you spray and towel dry. Dry shampoo, on the other hand, may make your hair look cleaner temporarily by adding chemicals or powder to mask the dirt. Unfortunately, the end result is often an itchy scalp or pasty buildup.

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The clean hair club.


It’s application takes about the same time and effort as the dry shampoos, but it actually makes my hair feel (not just look) clean, doesn’t dry it out and leaves body at the roots.


I love to get a good sweat going first thing in the morning but 25 minutes to wash and dry my hair was killing my morning routine…SWAIR saved the day!


For my curly hair, I loved using it when I had a blow out and it helped prolong my straight hair with my daily exercise... usually I have to decide between straight hair and workouts.