Start with sweaty/dirty hair (do not add any water to your hair before using Showerless Shampoo). Note that you might need to experiment a few times in order to figure out the best amount of product needed for your hair.
Shake the bottle well and hold it 8-10 inches from your scalp. Spray a single layer of fine mist on the top of your hair (just 2 or 3 sprays). Then pick up the top half of your hair and spray another layer (2-3 sprays). Finally spray a third layer on the bottom of your hair (2-3 sprays). If you have thin/oily hair, then start with 1 spray per section.
Comb through to distribute evenly. Then, towel dry thoroughly to remove the dirt/sweat from your hair. Air dry or blow dry excewss moisture. Blow drying will provide a more finished look.