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Showerless Shampoo

What is Showerless Shampoo

Showerless Shampoo is a completely new type of product. It was made for the days where your hair is too sweaty for dry shampoo but you don’t have the time to clean your hair in the shower. Our patent-pending spray interacts with your hair so that the dirt and sweat can be towel-dried away leaving you with hair that is actually clean. Since it is a wet product, and sweat is mostly water, your hair will be damp after use. You can air dry it, or quickly blow dry (recommended) excess moisture.

How do I use Showerless Shampoo?

Great question!

Sometimes it takes a few tries to “perfect” your Showerless Shampoo technique, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right on your first go.

Always start with less product, since you can easily add more if needed (especially if you tend to have naturally oily hair).

Shake the bottle well and hold it 8-10 inches from your scalp. Think of your hair as 3 layers - top, middle and bottom.

  • Spray a single layer of fine mist on the top of your hair (just 2-3 sprays).
  • Pick up the top layer of your hair, and use another 2-3 sprays in the middle of your hair.
  • Finally spray another 2-3 sprays on the bottom layer of your hair.

Comb through to distribute evenly. Then, towel dry thoroughly to remove the dirt/sweat from your hair. Air dry or blow dry excess moisture. Blow drying will provide a more finished look. 

What is the difference between dry shampoo and Showerless Shampoo?

SWAIR’s Showerless Shampoo is different from dry shampoo because it actively removes sweat, dirt and daily grime. Dry Shampoo, on the other hand, may make your hair look cleaner temporarily by adding powder or chemicals to mask the dirt. Unfortunately, the end result is often an itchy scalp or pasty buildup.

Dry shampoo can also strip your hair of its natural oils which affects shine, flexibility and overall hair and scalp health. Showerless Shampoo cleanses your hair with gentle ingredients that help to keep your hair hydrated. It is formulated with your health in mind and free from sulfates, phthalates, parabens, alcohol, glutens, formaldehyde and artificial dyes. 

How often can I use Showerless Shampoo?

Showerless Shampoo is gentle enough to be used multiple days in a row. Most of our community shampoos their hair in the shower 1-2x a week and uses Showerless Shampoo on the other days.

Can I use Showerless Shampoo even if I don't workout or get sweaty?

Yes! SWAIR’s superpower is cleaning very sweaty hair, but it can still be used to clean the daily grime and environmental pollutants out of non-sweaty hair.

Does Showerless Shampoo work on all hair types?

Our formula works on all types of hair, you may need to adjust the amount used depending on the texture or thickness of your hair. We have had amazing reviews from community members with all types of hair, from very fine and straight hair to naturally textured and coily hair. Our curly customers even love Showerless Shampoo for helping to prolong their straightened styles if they get a blowout.

What if I can't towel dry my hair?

It's true - Showerless Shampoo works best if you can spray and then towel dry your hair. If a towel dry isn’t possible, you can use a wiping motion to help remove the dirt. Showerless Shampoo is also a great product to rehydrate your curls or refresh your roots.

Is Showerless Shampoo safe for extensions/color/Keratin/chemical treated hair?

Yes to all that! Showerless Shampoo is safe on extensions, color, and Keratin.

Can kids use Showerless Shampoo?

Yup! Our 99.4% natural formula is safe for use on children. Co-founder Carrie uses it on her kids and has been doing so since they were 2 years old.

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Are SWAIR products vegan?

Yes, all SWAIR products are 100% vegan.

Are SWAIR products tested on animals?

SWAIR products are certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny.

Are SWAIR products dermatologist tested?

Yes! SWAIR formulas are tested for irritants and allergens. All of products are rated "0" for presence of irritants and allergens.

Can I use SWAIR products on my dye/Keratin/extensions?

Absolutely! Our formulas are gentle, but effective. They can be used on color and chemically treated hair, as well as on extensions.


Besides your site, where can I buy SWAIR products?

Our products are available onUrban Outfittersand can also be found on Amazon (prime!). For international purchases, visitMayple.

What should I do if I need to cancel or change my order?

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What is the status of my order?

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How much does shipping cost?

Shipping within the United States is free on purchases of $38 or more. Otherwise, it is $2.99 for ground shipping.

When will my order arrive?

We ship within 24 hours during the week, or within 48 hours on the weekend. Our warehouse is in New Jersey, so your delivery date will depend on the distance of the shipping address. Orders on the east coast typically arrive in 2-3 days, orders in the midwest arrive between 3-5 days, and orders for the west coast take about a week. Note these are approximate delivery dates and can be impacted by holidays, weather, etc.

How do I return my order?

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