We met back in 2007 while training for the New York City Marathon. We had signed up with the same charity program to secure our spots for the race and fundraise for a good cause.  Running at the same pace, we ended up logging hundreds of miles together that summer and fall. After race day, we continued to meet up several times a week to work out and added yoga and bootcamp to the mix.

While we loved the benefits of working out regularly, we agonized over the inevitable prep time that followed. After a good sweat session, we found ourselves needing to wash our hair every. single. time. We fantasized about a product that could clean our hair without requiring a full wash and dry, and we assumed others had the same need. After searching the market and coming up empty, we decided to make it ourselves, and Showerless Shampoo was born. 

Our goal is to create revolutionary haircare made from safe, high quality ingredients for active people. We focus on products that multi-task and save time so you can be in the gym, on the mat, or wherever you break a sweat.

We are incredibly proud to bring you SWAIR. 

The end (but really just the beginning), 
Carrie and Meredith