Protect and Perfect

Smooth, flexible

Hooray for wash day!

Sweatshield is the only conditioning spray specifically designed to workout- proof your hair. Apply on wash day to strengthen your hair, repel sweat/humidity, protect against pollution and go longer between washes.

Hero Ingredients

Kendi Oil to repair and protect

Apricot Extract for softeness and moisture

Cucumber Extract for strength and growth

Marshmallow Extract for smoothing and soothing

My hair was always too damaged to air dry. With SweatShield, it's the first time I haven't used hot tools in 10+ years.
— Carrie, co-founder of SWAIR

Three more reasons to try SweatShield

1. Dry Faster

When you spary SweatShield, it instantly begins to repel moisture from your hair. You'll notice that your hair air dries faster, or use a hair dryer to speed up the process even more.

Even in a steamy bathroom or locker room, your hair will be sealed against humidity. Say good-bye to bad hair days.

2. No Harsh Ingredients

98% All Natural

NO Alcohol

NO Gluten

NO Parabens

NO Phthalates

NO Sulfates

NO Formaldehyde

3. Takes Responsibility

SWAIR uses Polyethylene Terephthalate plastic bottles (commonly known as #1 PET). While it is not a perfect solution, PET bottles are easily recycled and reprocessed to make new PET bottles, or spun into polyester fiber.

In addition, we use shipping boxes that properly fit our bottles, which enables us to use no excess filler.

Protect and perfect.